We All Need Encouragement, So Be Kind

We All Need Encouragement, So Be Kind

Over the past few weeks, people have been discussing ways through which suicide can be prevented. It is good to know that we’re having these conversations, and no doubt they will go a long way in helping people come out of depressive states.

I have a similar thought that I have been thinking of lately.

I know a lot of people are going through stuff and real-life situations. And many don’t know who to turn to, to share their burdens with. So many might not even have considered suicide as some others have, but deep down, there are lots of unresolved issues constantly bothering them.

So what then do they need?

I believe that what people need is an encouragement, and lots of it, to pull through life. A lot of times, make up does well to cover up long-lasting issues bothering people. In fact, our society has been built in such a way that people think that speaking up makes them appear weak. But deep down, these people just need that comforting word to forge ahead and make the next move, and I believe that we, as individuals, can give that.

Now, you might say, I have my own challenges and things I am going through, how do I even know when someone else needs encouragement?

Giving encouragement might not seem as simple as I am making it sound. And more so, you are not a magician to know what’s going on with the other person.

But I believe that if we are more sensitive in our everyday life and relationships with people, then we might know just when someone needs to hear an encouraging word. Many a time, people seldom come out to speak on what’s running through their minds, but if we paid a bit more attention to the unspoken words, it would really help us discern when to drop a word of encouragement and comfort.

This life we live in isn’t fair to everyone, and we can’t all handle life’s pressures at the same level. But if you are to be a bit more stable, able to master your emotions, then extend a friendly hand to help others.

Say a word of encouragement at every opportunity you get. You never may know the life you are saving at that instant.

So be kind.

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